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I hike the Grand Canyon.  In June, 2000 my older son joined me, and we were accompanied by a long-time friend, and certified doofus.  Here are some pictures of that trans-canyon trek:

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South Kaibab Trailhead.  Bright sun at 6:30 AM

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South Kaibab Trail a mile or two down.


It was 120F at Phantom Ranch.  Dave was cooling it in the shade waiting for the sun to drop below the inner rim. 120F_Dave_thumb.jpg (19500 bytes)


North Kaibab trail, a couple miles from the top.   The trail is invisible but you can see that besides us there were other jackasses on the trail.

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Dave was first out, having lost patience with the geezers.
Doofus, at the end of the trail eric_thumb.jpg (18987 bytes)
Canyon Chuck, last man out.


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Dave at Cape Royal on the North Rim.
View through the Angel's Window to the Colorado River beyond.

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There's nothing wrong with Moab, Utah, but it does have one Fault.

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From Moab, we visited Arches National Park. arch_thumb.jpg (16216 bytes)


The sky was a vivid blue.

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Eric at Delicate Arch.
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Our boys, ready to call it a day.
One old Ruin ...
... climbing around in another.

Los Alamos, NM, July, 2000.

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                              Los Alamos Chuck

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